What is Basaricò?

Basaricò [ba∙sa∙ri∙’ko] sicilian for basil
Aromatic plant of the mint family, key ingredient of every tomato sauce.

Basaricò is a mixed media driven animation studio.
We are just two animation nerds messing around with stuff to visualise ideas.
We move things forward, frame by frame.



Hi, I’m Nicolò Cuccì, a Motion Designer specialized in stop-motion and mixed media animation.
I focus on production design and art direction. My workflow follows a clear image of the final shot adapting my skills to it as I go.



Hi, I’m Salvo Di Paola, a scriptwriter and director specialised both in live-action and animation. My main thing is coming up with ideas and bringing them to life trough a pragmatic writing approach. 

contact me at nico@basarico.com

contact me at salvo@basarico.com

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